7 New Laws Affecting California HOAs in 2024

Discover seven legal updates affecting California Homeowners Associations in 2024. From virtual meetings to landscaping mandates, understand how these changes will shape your HOA's operations and compliance strategies.

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2024 California HOA Laws

Happy New Year! As we enter 2024, California homeowners associations (HOAs) must inform themselves about the latest legislative changes. These updates encompass a range of aspects. They include allowance for completely virtual meetings, clarification of director qualifications, landscaping mandates, and assessment caps. Here is a summary of seven new laws affecting HOAs:

  1. Virtual Meetings: Civil Code 4926 now permits completely virtual HOA board meetings.
  2. Membership Quorum: Changes in Civil Code 5115 will aid HOAs struggling to achieve membership quorum by mandating a 30-day advance notice for ballot distribution and permitting the association to adjourn the election to a date at least 20 days later, at which time the required quorum is reduced to 20%.
  3. Director Qualifications: Civil Code 5105 mandates that seated directors meet the same requirements as candidates. Those who cease being owners are disqualified from the board.
  4. Two-Unit Condo Associations for ADUs: Government Code 65852.2(10)(A) allows cities to enable homeowners to create their own 2-unit condominium association.
  5. Balcony Inspection: While not necessarily a new law for 2024, Civil Code 5551 mandates that all HOAs must have their "exterior elevated elements" inspected by an architect or structural engineer before 2025.
  6. Assessment Caps for Affordable Units: Starting in 2025, Civil Code 5606(c) establishes different assessment caps for units designated as "affordable" in new HOAs. While boards can increase assessments by up to 20% for regular homes, increases on affordable homes are limited to 5% plus the cost of living, for a maximum increase of 10%.
  7. Non-Functional Turf: Beginning in 2029, Water Code Section 10608.14 (AB 1572) will require all HOAs with non-functional turf to remove it or use non-potable water for irrigation.

As we embrace the changes brought by these new laws in 2024, remember that staying informed and proactive is key to successfully managing your HOA. For a thorough understanding and application of these regulations, consult your HOA's legal team. They can provide detailed guidance and support.

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